Laboratory Services and Testing

Unbeatable technical help and support

  1. Unique quality control systems, unmatched by other additive suppliers
  2. Free testing and reports for d2w, covering product performance measurements and characteristics
  3. Masterbatches manufactured by specialist factories in various locations around the world to ensure continuity of supply and to minimise our environmental footprint
  4. Products manufactured in accordance with our manufacturing instructions and technical data sheets are rigorously tested in our laboratories before commercial production
  5. Free technical support to manufacturers using Symphony’s masterbatches.
  6. We maintain close working relationships with research institutes and Universities around the world.

Ask A Scientist, Ep 1

Head of Technical, Radu Baciu tackles common misconceptions in the plastics industry.

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One of our great team of scientists, Michael Skehan, breaks down how we test for the presence of our d2w biodegradable technology to ensure our high standards are met!

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Senior Scientist Perry Higgs explains how our technology can help with the global microplastics pollution problem

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This week our team tackle the differences between conventional and d2w biodegradable plastics.

Ask A Scientist Ep. 5

This week Radu explains the benefit of using antimicrobial technology, found in our d2p range.

Ask A Scientist Ep. 6

‘How do you check that d2w biodegradable plastics really work?’ A common question, which Michael Skehan answers in this episode of Ask a Scientist.