ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)


Symphony Environmental is a world leader in the development of technology to make ordinary plastic biodegradable and to provide plastic products with protective properties.

In the past 25 years our technologies have been exported to nearly 100 countries around the world, for use in retail, medical, and manufacturing industries, and agriculture, with a focus on defending the environment, reducing food-waste, and protecting human health.

We supply biodegradable plastic solutions to help combat the problem of plastic litter and microplastics in the environment, by turning ordinary plastic, at the end of its service-life and in the presence of oxygen, into biodegradable materials. It is then no longer a plastic and can be cleaned out of the environment by bacteria and fungi on land or sea. The technology is branded d2w® and its logo appears on many thousands of tonnes of plastic packaging and other products around the world.

In addition, Symphony has developed a range of additives, concentrates and master-batches marketed under its d2p® brand, which is incorporated into a wide variety of plastic and non-plastic products to give them protection against bacteria, fungi, algae, moulds, insects, marine fouling, and fire, and to reduce spoilage of packaged food.

We are committed to continued research and development to help our customers to provide benefits to their customers and add value to their products

Symphony has a diverse and growing customer base and has established itself as a strong global business with over 70 distributors around the world. Products made with Symphony’s technologies are now available in nearly 100 countries and in many different product applications.

In 2019, Symphony was awarded the Green Economy Mark from the London Stock Exchange. This recognises the growing number of companies who are addressing new markets for green and sustainable solutions, and who derive at least 50% of their revenues from environmental solutions.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We carefully monitor the energy we consume and the waste we generate, and we are committed to reducing our energy requirements and waste year on year.

We are actively working towards reducing waste and avoiding pollution either by design or use, and embedding these principles into our business models and activities. Our technologies have been designed to help others to be compliant with these principles.

Our offices and laboratories use low energy lighting, and all products and equipment are responsibly sourced.

We are committed to recycling and have a dedicated member of staff to monitor our recycling activities, as well as following the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever practical.

We work as much as we can with paperless administration and use best practice document management systems, utilising electronic communications and video conferencing as much as possible to reduce postal traffic and the need for business travel.

We have production and storage facilities in several locations around the world to minimise the transport of materials and help reduce our carbon footprint.

We are also committed to the wider community and regularly support local charities, as well as welcoming students into our office and laboratory as they complete their professional training in industry. This experience is an essential part of science degree courses.

At the beginning of 2020 we initiated a schools programme where we actively engaged with primary schools to talk about plastic in general, plastic litter and the environment, and recycling. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused us to suspend the programme, but we are hoping to get back on track in the coming months.

In the meantime, we have added a ‘Kid’s Corner’ information page to the Symphony website, which will host downloadable lessons and worksheets, videos and presentations for use by schools. This is an ongoing project, and we will continue to add resources in the coming months.


Our Values:


We build strong global alliances, joining forces with research institutions and universities around the world to expand our knowledge and to advance shared visions.  We value our staff and appreciate the contribution they make to the success of the business. We have a diverse workforce and distribution network which we support with training to increase knowledge and skills.  We share resources to help us and our customers to grow their business.


We enable our customers to add value to their products by providing innovative solutions, which protect the environment and human health.  Continuous research and development keeps us at the forefront of the industry.


We are trusted in the industry, with a 25-year heritage and expertise in our field. We use our extensive knowledge to grow our markets alongside our partners. We are able to respond to our partners individual needs and deliver on our promises. Symphony is accredited to ISO9001 for management quality, and ISO14001 for environmental management.

Symphony is a member of The Biodegradable Plastics Association (OPA), and the Society for the Chemical Industry (UK).  Symphony participates in the technical committee work of the  British Standards Institute(BSI) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).


Corporate Information on Governance can be found via the following link: