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Plastic gets a bad press – but there is no denying that it is a fantastically versatile material, and one that we would struggle to do without.

No other material compares to plastic.  From medical supplies to car parts, furniture, food packaging and a host of other uses.  The strength, flexibility, water resistance, light weight, printability, optical qualities and durability of plastic make it indispensable.

In the following slides, we will be exploring the ups and downs of living with plastic.

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Danny and Dotty explain how d2w works

Danny and Dotty explain how d2p works

A Brief History of Plastics

This set of slides cover the development of plastics from 1862 until 1976 when plastic became the most widely used material in the world.



Plastic Facts

Plastic facts looks at why regular plastic is so useful and why it can also be an environmental nuisance





Recycling symbols, what they mean, and a list of which plastics can be recycled, cannot be recycled and can SOMETIMES be recycled



If you would like to see our d2w biodegradable plastic in action, please use the contact us page  to request your smarter packaging promo pack.

Inside the pack is information about d2w biodegradable technology and products, plus a card comparing d2w biodegradable Plastic and Regular Plastic.  Hang the card outside and you will see the d2w biodegradable plastic gradually disappear.

d2w only needs oxygen to begin working, and once the process starts – it is irreversible and unstoppable.

Eventually the d2w biodegradable plastic will change into a material that is no longer a plastic and able to be consumed by bacteria and fungi in the environment on land or sea.

The regular plastic will be unchanged.

Intelligent Packaging made with d2w technology - CGI film

d2w technology explained