Providing protection for the lifetime of the product

d2p AM – A suite of masterbatches offering cost-effective protection against dangerous microbes on plastic products and other surfaces.

The active ingredient in our Antimicrobial Plastic Additive is an organic chemical substance, tested against bacteria (both Gram (+) and Gram (-) types), fungi (yeasts, moulds, mildew), and algae.

Latest Test Results

We have now received independent test results according to ISO 21702-19, which found a virus reduction of 99.9% in one hour

Why do we need d2p antimicrobial technology?

The microbial lifespan depends on many factors. Viruses must invade cells of a living host to replicate, while bacteria do not need a living host to replicate, but both bacteria and viruses can survive for several days on surfaces. Surfaces of almost any kind can therefore be a continuing source of infection.

It is now possible to make plastic surfaces lethal to microbes by including d2p antimicrobial masterbatch during the plastic manufacturing process.

d2p Antimicrobial Plastic Additive range of applications

  • Food:  including packaging, food containers, cutting-boards, food conveyor belts etc.
  • Medical/Hygiene: including mattress covers, protective equipment such as overalls, face masks, hair nets, caps, gloves, garbage and laundry bags.
  • Transportation: including handrails, door handles, seats, walls etc. in cars, buses, trains etc.
  • Office: including computer keyboards, mice and mouse-mats, telephones, credit cards etc.
  • Home: including kitchen tables and worktops, door handles, household gloves, water tanks, pipes and pipe fittings, and home appliances.

Advantages of d2p antimicrobial technology

  • Easy to manufacture at little or no extra cost
  • Non-staining – no discoloration of finished products
  • Provides protection for the lifetime of the product

Antimicrobial Protective Solution "d2p"



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