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Anti-Counterfeiting System


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Tag and trace technologies give our customers the ability to accurately determine the authenticity of their plastic packaging and products, which helps them to detect fraud, and gives them and their clients peace of mind.

d2t tag and trace

d2t tag and trace

Providing a unique trace and a highly sophisticated forensic tagging system.

d2trace is a masterbatch tracer technology which provides plastic with a unique traceable property which is completely invisible, but can be read using our portable d2Detector equipment.

d2tag provides a highly sophisticated security solution using a microtag, smaller than a grain of salt with over 1 billion unique codes for authentication and brand protection



The d2Detector uses XRF technology to detect which chemical components a plastic item contains.

Easy to use

Easily transported

Detects in less than 60 seconds

An invaluable tool for quality control and anti-counterfeiting