FDA Approves Symphony's Antimicrobial Bread Packaging

Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc is pleased to announce a breakthrough in the United States, following approval from the U.S. Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) for its d2p antimicrobial technology, for use in polyethylene (LLDPE) film for wrapping bread. Approval, which is not time limited, has been given under the Food Contact Notification procedure. By virtue of the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (21 USC 348(h)(2)(C)) this approval is effective only for Symphony and does not include any similar or identical substance manufactured or prepared by a company or person other than Symphony.

How antimicrobial bread packaging works

Bakery products, like many processed foods are subject to physical, chemical and microbiological spoilage. This antimicrobial bread packaging technology is intended to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of packaging. The Group already derives significant revenues from the baking industry from the sale of their d2w biodegradable packaging technology and therefore expect to see considerable interest in Symphony’s FDA approved d2p antimicrobial technology for use in bread packaging.

d2p® is synergistic with d2w® biodegradable technology and is expected to be sold to our current customers as well as new ones.

Michael Laurier, CEO of Symphony, said

“After nearly 10 years of investment and development we are pleased to have finally obtained food-contact approval for this d2p product in the USA. We are now in a position to move forward commercially and to bring this unique product to our global markets. We believe that this will make a significant contribution to revenues in the medium term.”

This approval represents a fantastic commercial opportunity in the western world’s largest market, as well as in other markets which expect to see FDA approval.