d2p Antimicrobial Technology

What d2p Antimicrobial does?


A family of plastic antimicrobial additives offering cost-effective protection for plastic products and surfaces against contamination, staining, discolouration and odour caused by bacteria and fungi. Almost anything made of plastic or with a plastic coating could have d2p® antimicrobial included at manufacture, at little or no extra cost.

Where d2p antimicrobial technology can it be applied?


Agriculture: Greenhouse films, irrigation pipes etc.

Buildings: Plastic table-tops and worktops, plastic cladding of walls, ceilings and floors, ventilation and water pipes, paint, decking etc.

Clothing and accessories: Wet suits, shoes, insoles, lab coats, face masks etc.

Cosmetic: Shampoo and cosmetic containers.

Electronic: Keyboards, mouse and mats, cell phone cases, calculators, remote controls, touch screen devices.

Miscellaneous: Garbage sacks and carrier bags, bread bags, credit, debit, and membership cards, and plastic banknotes, rubber gaskets, travel trays, play pit balls etc.

Sanitary: Toilet seats, shower heads, shower curtains, hand dryers, bed-pans, portable toilets, soap holders etc.

Sports: Insoles, ski boots, trainers, swimming pool mats, floats, knee-pads.

Transportation: Car, tube, train, plane interiors.