As reported in The Times newspaper on Friday 24th July 2020.

Article as follows:

Another day, another Aim company’s shares rocketing as a result of coronavirus. This time it was the turn of Symphony Environmental, whose d2p plastic additive can destroy 99.84% of bovine coronavirus within 24 hours. Becsause d2p is embedded in the plastic, it does not require constant wiping down.

Bovine coronavirus is from the same virus family as Covid-19 and Michael Laurier, Symphony’s chief executive, is ‘pretty sure” that it will kill Covid-19 as well.

He has asked the government to free a laboratory for a coronavirus test but this has so far proved an impossible task he said.

“All we are asking for is a few hours in a lab to be able to test d2p against coronavirus.

This year US regulators approved d2p’s use in bread bags to kill bacteria. The latest test shows d2p, in the works for a decade, can also kill viruses, which he described as a “very exciting and positive development”

Mr Laurier said that potential applications were endless, including bank cards, door handles and tupperware. “Just about everything you can see our touch is where d2p should go.”

The shares leapt 76.7 per cent to 26 1/2p, valuing the company at 45 million.

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