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d2p is the brand name for a suite of masterbatches offering extra protection to plastic products

Ethylene adsorber

Highly active adsorbent masterbatch for the removal of undesirable odours, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and water vapour from plastic packaging, to reduce spoilage of fruit and vegetables.

Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor

VCI reaches the metal surface and condenses to form a thin film of crystals. In the presence of even traces of moisture, crystals dissolve and immediately develop strong ionic activity.

The corrosion-inhibiting compound migrates from the VCI packaging into the packaging environment, while a thin layer of protection adheres to metal surfaces, reaching into recessed areas, holes, nooks and crannies.

d2p Release Agent

Low adherence food packaging solutions.

A modern synthetic product produced chemically from one of the more common earth elements which plays a significant role in the improvement of the flow and processing of resins as well as enhancing the slip and lubricity of packaging.

Oxygen Adsorber

Rapidly reduces oxygen levels in sealed containers to below 0.01%. Many foods have high sensitivity to oxygen which is responsible either directly or indirectly for their deterioration. The deterioration of food either in or out of packaging is caused either by oxidation reactions or the presence of microorganisms.

Odour Adsorber

Inorganic d2p masterbatches and additives designed to inhibit odours in plastic products.

Can be used as a deodorizer in plastic manufacturing to eliminate odour from pigments and additives containing substances such as sulphur, amines hydrogen sulphide and chlorine, or to prevent spoilage of perishable fruit and vegetables.

Insecticide Technology

Makes plastic surfaces lethal to insects.

Plastic masterbatches to kill insects in agriculture, in the home, in restaurants, hospitals, schools and many other applications. Plastic walls, ceilings, floors, table-tops, work surfaces, mosquito nets and agricultural film could all be made with d2p(ai) – at little or no extra cost.

Flame Retardant

Flame retardant materials are obligatory in many applications from electronic goods, wire and cabling, textiles, furniture, automotive and aviation products, carpets, paints and many more.


Ships and boats suffer severely from the growth of barnacles and weeds on the hull called “fouling”.

Some marine growth, such as shipworms can actually bore into the hull causing severe damage over time.

Anti-fouling paint is a specialised coating applied to the hull of a ship or boat to reduce the growth of sub-aquatic organisms.

Rodent Repellent

polymer-specific Masterbatches for repelling rodents. Our d2pRR (rodent repellent) masterbatches series 91310 are non-toxic and non-hazardous for
humans, pets and wildlife and
compliant with RoHS, REACH and FIFRA exempted.

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d2p At a Glance

d2p is the brand name for a suite of masterbatches offering extra protection to plastic products in applications as diverse as flame retardants to insecticides and food preservation technologies.



A family of additives offering cost-effective protection for plastic products and surfaces against contamination, staining, discoloration and odour caused by bacteria and fungi.

Almost anything made of plastic, or with a plastic coating could have d2p included at manufacture at little or no extra cost, to reduce bacterial and fungal contamination, whilst preserving the aesthetic and functional properties.

Antibacterial plastic product

d2p (ab) is an antibacterial masterbatch successfully tested against dozens of common organisms including dangerous bacteria such as MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Pseudomonas and Aspergillus Niger. Anything that is made of plastic, or has a plastic coating on it could have d2p incorporated at manufacture.

Compatible with PP, PE, PET, PS, PVC and most other plastic.

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