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What is d2c Compostable?

A polymer derived from Biobased materials and fully synthesized materials that meets the
Compostability Standards.
Composting is an artificial process with a much shorter timescale than natural biodegradation
(usually in an industrial composting facility).

Using compostable materials can play a key role in developing sustainable waste management


Transparent application
For products such as, bread bags, lamination processing and coating paper.

Flexible bags
For products like shopping and fresh produce bags.

Rigid & flexible packaging
For products such as, straws, pp cups and hip trays.

    High tensile, elasticity strength & stiffness
   Great transparency.
  High melt strength.
  Good processability on film blowing lines.
  Printable in different colours.
  Can be used for both flexible & rigid film applications.

d2c Certifications

d2c confirms to the standards – ASTM D6400(USA), EN13432 (EU) and AS4736 (Australia).

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