Colombian company Promociones Fantásticas launches antimicrobial and biodegradable drinking straws

Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc (AIM: SYM), a global specialist in technologies that “make plastic smarter” is pleased to report that Promociones Fantásticas—a Colombian drinking straws producer and leader in the Latin American market—has announced the launch of their new d2w (biodegradable) and d2p (antimicrobial) drinking straws. Symphony is the technology partner and Symphony’s exclusive distributor, Latin Pack, is the masterbatch supplier. Promociones Fantásticas has been using d2w successfully in their straws since April 2017.

As previously announced, testing of d2p samples by UNICAMP University in Brazil according to ISO 21702 found a virus reduction of 99.9% in only one hour, which is vital during the coronavirus pandemic. d2p has also been proved effective against bacteria and fungi, which is critical as this is a product that enters in direct contact with customers’ mouths where microbes can easily be transmitted. As the antimicrobial properties are embedded in the plastic, they will never wear off – unlike spraying, wiping, or coating.

Michael Laurier, CEO of Symphony, said: “We are delighted to continue our long-standing and valued relationship with Promociones Fantásticas, and hope that other, environmentally and socially responsible companies around the world will follow their lead in protecting customers and the environment alike. This follows recent other Symphony d2w and d2p new users, for example, Cotripal in Brazil whose shopping bags now contain both d2p and d2w Symphony technologies. We are seeing increased interest for our d2p anti-microbial technologies as a combination with our d2w biodegradable technology in several countries across the globe. Further, the products of these interested manufacturers are of both multi use, but also single use items, that historically were more commonly treated with just our d2w biodegradable technology.”

Carlos Cruz, CEO of Promociones Fantásticas, said: “In the context of the global pandemic our company has assumed an increased responsibility to protect public health, create jobs and preserve the environment. Over the years we have encouraged our customers to properly dispose of used straws so they can be recycled where possible. But we have also taken additional measures to protect the environment from plastic that escapes into the open environment by using the globally renowned British d2w biodegradable technology. Today we go further, by helping to protect our customers from Coronavirus and other forms of contamination by using d2p technology, that has been proven against viruses, bacteria, and fungi.”