# Manufacturing Plastics In, or Exporting to, Saudi Arabia

Manufacturing plastics in, or exporting to Saudi Arabia


Technical Regulation for biodegradable plastic products (in English) (in Arabic)
In accordance with Notices issued by SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organisation), it is a mandatory requirement that all plastic products and/or plastic packaging Specified in the Regulation are to be made using approved biodegradable masterbatch, whether they are made in Saudi Arabia or exported to that country.

If your products, or their packaging, are made with polyethylene or polypropylene you will need to comply with the new Regulations, and obtain your biodegradable masterbatch from a supplier authorised by the Saudi Arabian Government.

All factories producing specified plastic products must demonstrate compliance to SASO.

Symphony Environmental Ltd, and our regional distributor (Eco-Polymers) have been awarded a SASO Quality Mark for our d2w masterbatch under License No: 1-000000002967867272858-1438. This means that we are able to supply biodegradable masterbatch now, for inclusion in plastic products for manufacture in, or export to, Saudi Arabia.

We are keen to help you meet the demands of your customers, whilst complying with the legal requirements of the new Regulations.

To get started – download a technical Inquiry form here – Technical Enquiry Form – (Arabic and English) – Technical Enquiry Form (TEF) – English

If you require further help or information, please contact our sales team +44 (0)208 207 5900 or e-mail: saudi@d2w.net