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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that our long-term future depends on our environmental and social performance. Excellence in operational performance generates financial returns; however enduring sustainable growth depends on being a responsible global citizen and earning the continued support of our customers, shareholders, communities and staff.

Environmental Policy

Symphony recognises a responsibility to manage its business, whilst acknowledging the Company’s responsibility for the environment, as well as helping its customers make the most environmentally-beneficial purchasing decisions.


To supply the most environmentally-beneficial products.

To purchase and sell products which can be re-used or recycled and will biodegrade.

To seek out new environmentally-sound products and encourage early introduction to the market.

To publicise our environmental policy to customers.

To pursue certification of products.

To meet all requirements of relevant environmental legislation.

To seek to reduce excess packaging.

To reduce internal waste by recycling and/or efficiency. Actions To reduce the impact of Symphony’s activities on the environment by:

Purchasing low-energy-consuming lighting, computers, office equipment, electrical equipment and machinery.

Encouraging officers and staff of the Company to purchase the most energy efficient vehicles.

Making available refills or reuse products as many times as possible.

Promoting paperless administration systems, e.g. EDI, CRM systems, the internet.

Social Policy Our policy has been designed to increase the impact of Symphony’s contribution to society: Objectives

Contribute to local economic development.

Maintaining goodwill with key clients or contacts by supporting their initiatives.

Improve the quality of life of the firm’s employees.

Cement relationships with the local community


Partner with NGO’s globally to raise awareness of environmental issues and sustainability

Support local businesses through advertising opportunities and investment

Provide a nurturing business environment which offers our employees the ability to continuously develop their competencies.