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Symphony Environmental is a world leader in the development of additives to make ordinary plastic biodegradable and protective technologies to enhance plastic products

Our technology is sold into nearly 100 countries around the world, with applications in retail, medical and manufacturing industries with a focus on the defence of both environmental and human health.

We develop biodegradable plastic solutions to help combat the problem of microplastics in the environment, by turning ordinary plastic, at the end of its service-life and in the presence of oxygen, into biodegradable material.    It is then no longer a plastic and can be bio-assimilated by bacteria and fungi on land or sea. The technology is branded d2w® and its logo appears on many thousands of tonnes of plastic packaging and products around the world.

In addition, Symphony has developed a range of additives, concentrates and master-batches marketed under its d2p® brand,  which can be incorporated in a wide variety of plastic and non-plastic products to give them protection against many different types of bacteria, fungi, algae, moulds,  insects, fouling and fire.

Symphony has a diverse and growing customer base and has established itself as a strong global business with over 70 distributors around the world.   Products made with Symphony’s plastic technologies are now available in nearly 100 countries and in many different product applications.  Symphony is accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Symphony is a member of The Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association (, the Society for the Chemical Industry (UK), and the Pacific Basin Environmental Council.

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Our Values

Our Values


We are trusted experts with a long heritage and expertise in our field. We are open and honest and strive to continue to be thought-leaders. We use our knowledge and expertise to maintain and grow markets alongside our partners.


We produce strong global alliances aligned to high level goals, joining forces to advance shared solutions. We deliver on our promises and respond to our partners individual needs and add value to their products by positively building their brands.


We enable our partners to provide transformational change through innovation solutions which support the environment. Our continual scientific research and development using cutting edge technology enables innovation to help our partners lead the way. We offer access to resources that will help grow business.

Our Team

Michael Laurier


Ian Bristow

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Stephen

Commercial Director and Deputy Chairman

Radu Baciu

Group Technical Director

Keith Frener


Susan Kelly


Group Financial Controller and Head of Supply Chain

Deborah Compton

Group Management Accountant

Lynette King

Office Manager

Christina Kyriacou

PA/Executive Manager to Michael Laurier

Perry Higgs

Senior Scientist

James White

Technical Coordinator

Roxana Ciuraru

Laboratory Assistant

Julien Laurier

Sales Executive UK

Nicola Green

International Sales Manager

Robert Bobroff

International Sales Manager

Richard French

Head of Global Sales

Ian Dewar

International Sales Manager