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Symphony is a world leader in the development and marketing of masterbatches to make plastic products better.


Better at Protecting

d2p (designed to protect) is a family of specialist masterbatches, including antimicrobial, insect repellent,  odour and ethylene adsorbers,  vapour corrosion inhibitors and flame retardants designed to protect and enhance plastic products.


Better for the Environment

With over 25 years’ experience in helping our customers to improve their products to the highest environmental standards.  Symphony’s d2w biodegradable plastic technology offers an environmentally responsible solution for your plastic product, film or packaging.


For all our d2w and d2p products, we offer free technical support to plastics manufacturers and their customers, aimed at adding value to every participant in the supply chain – right through to the end user.


Symphony’s d2w and d2p range of technologies provides enhanced processing of plastics to make products that are smarter, safer, and more sustainable.






Intelligent Packaging made with d2w technology

Green Economy Mark

Symphony Environmental Plc were awarded the Green Economy Mark from the London Stock Exchange.  The Green Economy Mark recognises the growing number of companies who are addressing new markets for green and sustainable solutions, and derive at least 50% of their revenues from environmental solutions

Proves oxo-biodegradable technology works in the marine environment

Symphony Environmental are very pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the 5-year Oxomar Study sponsored by the French Agence National de Recherche.

This study provides further comprehensive and reliable scientific data on the performance of d2w in the oceans, and proves, degradability, biodegradability and non-toxicity.  The study had a multidisciplinary approach including physics, chemistry, and biology.

Analysis of the composition of plastics to evaluate polymer stability and degradation using industry standard ageing and polymer characterisation techniques.

We have laboratory-scale extrusion and conversion equipment for formulation and development.   For laboratory Services and Testing – Click here


d2p antimicrobial effectively kills Coronavirus in one hour

In September 2020 Symphony announced that d2p masterbatch incorporated in a polyolefin film, found a virus reduction of 99.99% in ten minutes after the virus comes into contact with the plastic.

Tested against the bovine form of Coronavirus in accordance with International Standard, ISO 21702-2019.