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Symphony is a British public company dedicated to finding technical solutions to environmental and public health problems. Symphony's advanced plastic technologies include d2w oxo-biodegradable plastics, which convert at the end of their useful life into a material with a different molecular structure. At that stage the material is no longer a plastic and has become inherently biodegradable in the open environment in the same way as a leaf. For a video of a bag degrading please click here.

Symphony has also developed d2p, a range of anti-microbial plastics, and plastics which inhibit the growth of fungi, mould, algae and bacteria. For a video about d2p please click here.

In addition to anti-bacterial and anti-fungal plastics Symphony is developing sophisticated tagging and tracing technologies and has introduced "d2Detector" a portable device for analysing plastics and preventing fraud. For a video about d2Detector please click here

In order to deal with the growing problem of scrap tyres Symphony has launched the "SymTyre-S300" - a highly efficient portable machine that can convert a scrap tyre into three flat-pack components within 60 seconds. For a video about SymTyre-S300 click here

Symphony has a diverse and growing customer-base and has established itself as a global business now serving more than 90 countries through 74 Distributors. It invests heavily in R&D and is continuing to develop innovative environmental technologies.

Symphony is a member of the Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association (www.biodeg.org); the Society for the Chemical Industry (UK); the British Plastics Federation; and the Pacific Basin Economic Council

Symphony participates in the Committee work of the American Standards organization (ASTM), the British Standards Institute (BSI), the European Standards Organization (CEN), and the International Standards Organization (ISO).