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Symphony on Sky News

January 12th, 2018

Interview on Sky News


In an interview on Sky News yesterday morning about the Prime Minister’s announcement on plastic waste, Michael Stephen, one of Symphony Environmental’s Directors, said that whilst the company supports recycling, there is a “black hole” in the government’s policy.  This is because the plastic waste cannot be collected for recycling if it has escaped into the open environment, and especially into the oceans. For this reason, we should stop using old-fashioned plastic.

Symphony’s scientists have found a way to upgrade the plastic so that it will convert itself into biodegradable materials at the end of its useful life and will be recycled back into nature like a leaf or a piece of seaweed.  It is crucial to understand that it does not just fall into fragments, but the molecular structure is dismantled so that it is no longer a plastic.

Ordinary plastic can be upgraded with Symphony’s technology by existing plastics factories at little or no extra cost and with their existing machinery and workforce.

An added bonus is that if it does get collected before it has degraded it can be safely recycled with ordinary plastic.

Michael Stephen pointed out that countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE have already legislated to require the use of upgraded plastic, and Symphony thinks that the UK and the EU should do the same.  He has had meetings with officials in Brussels, and Symphony is willing to brief the Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Gove.

On the same day, Symphony’s CEO, Michael Laurier, was interviewed on BBC Radio.



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