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Symphony launches new protection technologies

September 12th, 2015


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Symphony’s sixth distributors’ conference was hailed as a great success by distributors from 26 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Australasia who gathered in London for the event on 28th and 29th September.

Over two days,  delegates were introduced to new and exciting applications from Symphony’s d2p “Designed to Protect” range of technologies which, in addition to the anti-bacterial and anti-insect products,  has expanded to include rodent and slug repellents, flame retardants, paints, anti-fouling and odour-adsorbing and masking technologies.

Anti-microbial and anti-fungal applications are increasingly important to reduce the need for preservatives in foods, and to protect plastic packaging for raw poultry against dangerous organisms like E-coli, Campylobacter and Salmonella, as antibiotics become less effective.

The conference also covered new applications for Symphony’s world-leading d2w controlled-life plastic technology, as delegates shared their success stories and their initiatives into new product areas.

A recent YouGov survey in the UK confirmed that 85% of consumers surveyed believed that all plastic bags should be both biodegradable and recyclable in case they get into the environment as litter.  Controlled-life plastic technology is the only technology that meets both criteria. Similar results were shown by a recent poll in Mexico.

Furthermore, more than 60% of those surveyed in both countries believed that if the plastic bags are both biodegradable and recyclable they should be provided by supermarkets free of charge.

Several of the delegates came from countries where their governments have legislated to make controlled-life plastic mandatory.  Delegates from Togo, Pakistan and Peru were interviewed by BBC television, and were surprised to learn that the UK and the rest of Europe are lagging behind Africa, Asia and the Middle East in tackling the problems caused by plastic waste which gets into the open environment.

At the conclusion of the conference, Symphony’s CEO, Michael Laurier, told delegates that he is confident that broadening the range of products and investing further in R&D will open up many new and exciting opportunities.





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