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Symphony represented at the 7th Bosphorus Conference in Turkey

December 9th, 2016


Michael Stephen the Deputy Chairman of Symphony Environmental Ltd., and Chairman of the Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association, was invited to attend the 7th Bosphorus Conference in Turkey to talk about innovative plastics, and their role in helping to meet the goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit.

Michael was able to tell the distinguished panel and conference delegates about Symphony, and the way in which innovative plastics could make a greater contribution to the protection of human health, and have less of an impact on the environment.

He informed the conference about some of Symphony’s technologies, including antimicrobial plastic and its role in reducing food waste.  This was particularly important as the President of Turkey had drawn attention in his speech to the conference that an average of 30% of food goes to waste.

He also explained Symphony’s insecticidal plastic technology and the part it could play in killing the insects that transmit diseases.   He also mentioned flame retardants, which can decrease the ignitibility and combustion of plastics, making them safer.

He concluded by explaining the purpose of oxo-biodegradable (controlled-life) plastic, which will degrade and biodegrade after its useful life in the same way as a leaf, only quicker.  This type of plastic is very useful for plastic bags and packaging, but also has applications in agriculture, where plastic sheets are used to inhibit weeds, conserve moisture, and promote growth, as it will quickly degrade and biodegrade on the farm after the harvest.

All of these technological advances in plastics can be made in existing plastic factories with the same workforce and machinery and cost little or no more than ordinary plastic.


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