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Symphony Director on Sky News 19-4-18

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Michael Stephen, Deputy Chairman of Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc was interviewed on Sky News yesterday in response to the announcement that the UK Government are considering banning single use plastic items such as plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds. 

Michael was asked ‘does this Government initiative go far enough?’ He replied that there has been concern for a long time that conventional plastic can lie or float around in the environment for many decades, and that it breaks down into microplastics, but plastic could now be upgraded with oxo-biodegradable technology (OBP) which will make the plastic degrade and biodegrade, if it escapes into the open environment as litter. It will then be recycled back into nature by the micro-organisms which live on land and in the oceans.  It can be made in plastics factories with their existing machinery and workforce at little or no extra cost.

He added that he and Symphony’s CEO, Michael Laurier, had attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference and explained the technology to delegates from all over the Commonwealth. It was well received, and one Commonwealth country (Pakistan) had already made it compulsory for a wide range of plastic items.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the latest country to make the technology mandatory, and Symphony hopes that the UK will soon join them. Symphony are currently explaining the technology in detail to DEFRA and the Treasury.