European Business Awards for the Environment

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Symphony Environmental are proud to be promoting the European Business Awards for the Environment.

Initiatives like the EBAE are important in recognising eco-innovation because it encourages companies to strive for excellence and helps to share good practice.

22 companies from nine countries have been shortlisted for the 2018-2019 of the European Business Awards for the Environment, the European Commission scheme which rewards those businesses that are making the most outstanding contribution to sustainable development through eco-innovation. In addition, six companies have been identified as “Rising Stars”*.

The EBAE Jury meeting on 28-29 June in Sofia (Bulgaria)

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This is the verdict of the EBAE Jury which met on 28-29 June in Sofia (Bulgaria) with the challenging task of agreeing a shortlist out of 161 applications received from 19 European countries.

The Finalists are up for six awards: Management (micro and small companies), Management (medium and large companies), Product & Services, Process, Developing Country Cooperation and Business & Biodiversity. They all have in common a respect for the environment at the very core of their business principles.

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Save the date!    The winners will be announced at the EBAE Awards Ceremony, to be held on 14 November in Vienna (Austria). 

The event will be part of the “Growth in Transition” conference, one of the flagship events of the Austrian EU Presidency.

* Rising Stars = companies whose applications have made a particular impression on the jurors.  This could be in respect of: a company with an innovative and exciting product/service/process/management approach but whose activities are still at an early stage and unproven; or a company that is a pioneer in a national or regional context, but not necessarily at a European level.

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