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Press Release – Great start to 2018 for Symphony at Saudi Print & Pack

January 23rd, 2018

Great Start to Saudi Print & Pack 2018

Symphony Environmental are exhibiting at the 15th International Saudi Print & Pack Exhibition in Saudi Arabia, alongside their distributor in the Middle East –  Eco-Polymers.

Symphony were the first company to be awarded the SASO Quality Mark, and authorisation for the sale and use of their d2w oxo-biodegradable additive, in Saudi Arabia after the technology and Symphony’s production facilities were examined in detail by experts appointed by the Saudi government.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are leading the world in making this technology mandatory, because they realise that it is not possible to collect all of the plastic waste and that some will inevitably escape into the environment, where it is a visual intrusion,  blocks waterways causing floods and presents a real and growing danger to wildlife.   This is particularly important in the marine environment where microplastics (caused by the disintegration of ordinary plastic) are finding their way into the food chain, and thousands of marine animals die either from ingesting or becoming entangled in plastic litter.

Making plastic items with d2w ensures that if plastic litter escapes collection and ends up in the open environment, it will not be there forever.  Instead it will degrade and then biodegrade in the same way as nature’s wastes and much more quickly than old-fashioned plastic, leaving no toxic residues.  It does not create microplastics, because when the plastic has fragmented it has converted into biodegradable materials and is no longer a plastic.

Symphony’s d2w is added at only 1% and works with most types of plastic packaging materials.  It can be recycled and made from recyclate and can be used by existing plastic factories with their existing workforce and machinery at little or no extra cost, thus protecting jobs in the plastic industry and making it easy to implement in a very short time.


The Symphony technical team are available at the exhibition to offer old and new customers the opportunity to test their samples to ensure compliance with the new SASO regulations which came into force in April 2017. See  The regulations require that any short-life/disposable plastic products made in or imported into in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be made from oxo-biodegradable plastic technology.

For further information about d2w and Symphony’s d2p products, see



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