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Latex Antimicrobial Examination gloves made with d2p technology

May 17th, 2018

In case you missed it.

The first latex antimicrobial examination gloves to be made with d2p technology were launched on Thursday 3rd May at Saddlers Hall in London

The new gloves were the result of a collaboration between Biomax Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd of Malaysia, Health & Hygiene Limited and Symphony Environmental Ltd.

The Protector® gloves are the first product launched in what is planned to be a full range of Protector® antimicrobial disposable healthcare products including face masks, caps, shoe covers, surgeon gowns, lab coats, isolation gowns, bed and pillow covers, and hospital waste bags containing d2p technology.

The gloves themselves are the result of many years’ research and development and have been designed and packaged to appeal to organisations and professionals in healthcare and food- preparation industries, where hygiene is a priority.

d2p antimicrobial technology provides complete protection throughout the life of the glove by disrupting and deactivating key molecules within the bacterial cell, preventing cell replication and infection.

Health & Hygiene Ltd, UK, and Biomax Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, are exclusively incorporating the innovative d2p technology, placing the Protector® glove in a class of its own and offering 99.99% antimicrobial efficacy in accordance with ISO 22196 and ASTM E2180 against commonly occurring organisms including MRSA and Salmonella.

The Protector® gloves will be sold in boxes of 100 pieces or smaller boxes of 20 pieces, which are available in shelf-ready packaging, in small, medium and large sizes. For more information, please e-mail

The launch was attended by local industry figures and also senior members from the Malaysian and Pakistan High Commissions. The launch took place at Saddlers Hall, which has had four refurbishments.  The first hall was built around 1395 but was totally destroyed in the great fire of London in 1666. The current Saddlers Hall was built in 1956.


 Mr Loo (third left) with members from the Malaysian High Commission ;ef by Trade Councillor, Mr Khairul Nizam Moonier (second from left) together with MrNurdin Daudah (right) ands Mr Muhammed Hafziddin Ishak (left)
  Lively networking session after the successful launch of Protector(R) gloves.
 Display of Protector(R)  – antimicrobial latex examination gloves
   Guests seated during presentation
 The panel of speakers for the launch from Left:  Oh YingYing (Director of Health & Hygiene Ltd), Radu Baciu (Group Technical Head of Symphony), Dr Brig Iqbal Khan (Advisor to Health & Hygiene Ltd), Michael Laurier (Managing Director of Symphony) and Michael Stephens (Deputy Chairman of Symphony)
 Key members to the successful launch of Protector(R) Gloves – ready to bring the new product to the market
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