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Deadly bacteria found in bags for life

October 5th, 2017


The Food Standards Agency has issued guidelines to consumers when using reusable shopping bags. The reason is that deadly bacteria such as E.coli and campylobacter can be transferred on to food inside the bag.  Reusable bags are rarely, if ever, washed and often stored in a cupboard or boot of the car where the germs can multiply.

Experts have been warning about the dangers lurking in re-usable shopping bags for some time now, and research into bag bans and taxes in several countries found that the rise in the use of re-usable shopping bags (due to campaigns against “single use” carrier bags) coincided with an increase in food-borne illnesses.

However, there is a solution for those who like re-usable bags. They can buy bags made with d2p (designed to protect) technology which can be added to the polymer used for making the bags, and it can also be added to the laminate coating inside jute bags for extra protection.

d2p is effective against E.coli, campylobacter and many other food related microorganisms and could certainly help reduce the risk to shoppers of taking home more than they bargained for

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