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Drinking straws made with d2w oxo-biodegradable technology

Technology in tune with nature

Plastic drinking straws made with ordinary plastic are contributing to the thousands of tons of plastic waste entering the world’s environment every day – and will remain there for decades. By making straws with d2w technology,  you can ensure that if the they do end up littered in the open environment, they will eventually biodegrade – just like a leaf.

Advantages of drinking straws made with d2w:

They are just as strong as ordinary plastic for all intents and purposes

They will not disintegrate or become soggy like paper straws.

As flexible as ordinary plastic – plastic containing d2w can be made into any kind of straw – straight, bendy, coloured etc.

Little extra cost  (due to small inclusion rate)  and no need for special equipment

Can be recycled in the same way as conventional plastic

Less likely to bring about health issues (bamboo and metal straws are difficult to clean)

Already being manufactured and rigorously tested

Better still  –  If straws made with d2w technology  do end up as litter – unlike conventional plastic,   they will break down in the open  environment into nothing more than CO2, water and biomass

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