Symphony Environmental
Technologies Plc


Highly active adsorbent masterbatch for the removal of undesirable
odours, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and water vapour from
plastic packaging,  to reduce spoilage of fruit and vegetables.

The Facts
• The specific structure of the packaging film enables it to act as an adsorber of hydrocarbons, vapour and gas
which cause deterioration of food and flowers.
• Suitable for use in all plastic processing technologies (extrusion, injection and rotational moulding, coating,
lamination, woven and non-woven)
• Can be incorporated easily as a masterbatch in the manufacture of the final product, and does not alter physical,
chemical or mechanical properties.
• Active ingredient is approved in the European Union under Annex 1 Table 1 of Reg. 10/2011 on Plastic Materials
and Articles intended to come into Contact with Food.