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Dadex and d2p – in the pipe-line for success

February 6th, 2017

Symphony Environmental are pleased to announce the launch by Dadex Eternit Limited in Pakistan, of their latest water pipes made with Symphony’s d2p antimicrobial technology.

Microbes, which survive in water distribution systems have the ability to multiply and produce an unpleasant surface deposit of microorganisms called ‘biofilm’ inside pipes, and to attack the pipes themselves.

This biofilm can induce many problems in water systems such as change in colour, odour, taste, turbidity and even blockage of pipes.


Plastic pipes are the back-bone of water distribution systems and therefore it is vital that they are kept free from harmful bacteria, algae and fungi.

Dadex, were established as a public limited company in 1959, and are the market leaders and key innovators in Pakistan in the manufacture of a wide range of plastic pipes for residential and commercial buildings.    The new Dadex d2p range of pipes is particularly suitable for water treatment plants, schools, hospitals, food processing factories, pharmaceutical industry and water supply systems, where the presence of biofilm is highly undesirable.

The product launch, and the signing ceremony for a five-year supply of d2p, took place today in Karachi in the presence of the trade and general media, and included a speech by Michael Laurier, CEO of Symphony by audio-visual from London, who said “The new Dadex d2p pipes are the result of a successful international collaboration between Dadex, Business Dynamics (Symphony distributors in Pakistan) and Symphony, involving scientific tests and technical trials over the past two years.”

The CEO of Dadex, Qazi Sajid Ali, said ‘We have made our reputation over the last 57 years by identifying and developing innovative technology for the benefit of our customers and the people of Pakistan.  Today is the latest milestone in that journey and we are very pleased with the expert cooperation we have received from Business Dynamics and Symphony.

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