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Beach clean-up in Ghana – Be part of the change

June 1st, 2017

Symphony Environmental Ltd were happy to join the Ghana Plastic Manufacturers Association (GPMA),  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Environmental Service Providers Association (ESPA) and the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration in sponsoring a clean-up event at Chorker Beach on 1st May 2017.   We supplied T shirts for the volunteers, and are helping to educate the people about the role biodegradable plastic can play in protecting the natural environment.

Ghana has over 539km of coastline and a number of coastal towns have a severe problem with plastic waste.  The GPMA are trying to change attitudes and drive home the need for a clean society and a plastic-waste free ocean.   To this end they are planning a series of beach clean ups, as well as educating schoolchildren. So far enrolling 50 schools in their Environmental school clubs and starting 23 “No Plastic to our Ocean, Coastal Change Clubs”.

In addition to this, a series of initiatives have been planned, which include;  No-drop zones, Cash for Trash programmes, Source separation of waste, and crucially the introduction of mandatory oxo-biodegradable plastic, as several countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East have already done.

This is because for the foreseeable future, it will not be possible to prevent all the plastic waste getting into the ocean.

Symphony are working with the GPMA to convert Ghana to d2w oxo-biodegradable plastic, which will degrade and biodegrade in a similar way to nature’s waste, in a much shorter timescale than ordinary plastic, and will leave no fragments of plastic on land or sea. Less plastic accumulating on land means less plastic finding its way into the oceans.

The next beach clean-up will take place on World Ocean Day on 8th June 2017.

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