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What is d2w (biodegradable plastic)?

d2w is the brand name for Symphony’s biodegradable, controlled-life plastic technology which is designed to control and shorten the life of plastic products and packaging.  d2w’s carefully researched and tested additive formulation can be added to normal plastic at the extrusion or casting stage of manufacture.

Symphony’s formulation is so effective that it only needs 1% of the additive, to make plastic products biodegradable in the natural environment, resulting in considerable savings in cost, transport, and storage. It is a non-disruptive, drop-in technology as products can be made in existing polymer factories with existing machinery, which means your  switch to more environment-friendly products and packaging has never been easier.



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d2p Designed to protect

A family of additives offering cost effective protection for plastic products and surfaces against contamination, staining, discoloration and odor, caused by bacteria and fungi. Almost anything made from plastic or with a plastic coating could have d2p included at manufacture at little or no extra cost.

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d2t anti-counterfeiting system

Millions of dollars are lost each year to fraudsters who copy well-known products for their own gain.

Worse than that, these activities are dangerous because the counterfeit is often an inferior product which can cause harm when put into use. Symphony has developed a cost-effective system to protect brand owners and the public from the activities of these criminals.

Tag and trace technologies give our customers the ability to accurately determine the authenticity of their plastic packaging and products, which gives them and their clients peace of mind, and helps them to detect fraud.

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