d2p®RR (rodent repellent) masterbatch is non-toxic and non-hazardous to humans and pets and compliant with RoHS. REACH and FIFRA exempted

Railway operators, warehouses, manufacturing plants and construction sites report that rats and mice are causing serious problems.

Rodents can cause dangerous damage to plastic products such as cable insulation, piping, warehouse pallets, non-food packaging, boxes etc. Buildings and even motor vehicles are at risk of fires or explosions.

  • Thermoplastic resins (PE, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, etc). may not be the ideal tasty meal, but rodents seem to like them.
  • They are attracted by the smell, colour and texture of plastics and find plasticizers particularly tasty (PVC).
  • They can munch their way through plastic cable insulation and cause havoc.
  • Symphony has developed additive anti rodent masterbatch series to fight back with products that repel pests.

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Rodent Repellent

Unlike conventional pesticides, the anti rodent masterbatch are designed to provide high-temperature stability (up to 220o C and beyond) enabling them to be extruded and dispersed in plastics


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